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Hello Everyone!

I'm a mother of 6, Sidney, Daisy, Hey, Miranda, Turtle and Bug... they all have 4 legs, BUT, I still love them!  We are our own little petting zoo with two pups (Boxers), two cats (both rescued) and two turtles who are about 8 years old.

Early 2007 I started preparing my girls, Sidney and Daisy, for the move from puppy to adult food.  I was looking for a food that could provide them with the essentials to allow them to continue to run loops around the yard, "box" each other and help me relandscape the backyard.  Needless to say, they are VERY active and always on the go.  As I was looking I started to get more curious about the ingredients and the looking became months of research.  About that same time, the 2007 pet food recall came out and so did all of the reports associated with it.  

I did nothing but research for several months and the findings disgusted me.  I found multiple reports about the meat that was being used to make most dog foods.  They said that basically anything and everything goes...including dead diseased animals, euthanized animals and "road kill"...of all kinds.  They reported how the leashes and collars aren't taken off and if they were disposed of in plastic bags they stayed in plastic bags. It ALL gets grounded up to be used as food.  EWW!   So you have chemicals from the pets that were euthanized and diseases from the sick ones.  I couldn't even imagine the thought of feeding my girls road kill lying around getting diseased and slivers of metal from the collars.  There were so many stories of grieving parents that lost their pups to the food that they thought were helping them stay healthy.  It is tragic that the lives of our closest friends and companions have been lost due to toxic chemicals found within their foods. 

I never did find a food that I felt provided my girls with all the vitamins and mineral that they need in order to be healthy and balanced so I looked for other options.  Instead of giving them supplements, I started looking into alternative options and decided I would start making their treats.  After I talked to several pet nutritionist, researched the benefits of each ingredient and months of testing, I finally came up with Daisy Doos.  I can't lie... I spoil my girls, I like to reward them for doing well and while they were still in "school" I used treats quite often.  I think of it as the same as rewarding a child.  If they do well, they may get a reward, but would you give them half a carton of ice cream, a couple times a day or a small cup of fruit?  There is no guilt in giving them healthy treats with the vitamins and minerals that their food is lacking.

My girls LOVE the treats.  I know they don't need a huge bone to make them happy; our healthy treats don't hit the ground.  They won't even look at store bought treats... they just look at me like "We want the 'goods' and we know you have them!”

The true reward is knowing that I am providing a safe, healthy alternative to mass marketed treats and foods.  My pets are my children.  I want what is best for them and by me making their treats, I know exactly what they are eating.  I think that it is a huge peace of mind for pet owners to know exactly what is being consumed, not some confusing pet food label that you can’t even pronounce half of the ingredients.  I enjoy sharing stories with other pet owners and baking treats to see the excitement in a pup's eyes is truly something that I take pleasure in doing. 


I've attached a link to one of the reports by the AC Media Company.  It's not as graphic as some, but it does give really good information.



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